Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

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As a seasoned gamer and Super Smash Bros enthusiast, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the launch of the latest chapter in our beloved franchise, aptly named “Super Smash Bros. Life or Death.” In this ultimate guide, we’re diving into the fray to discuss the best Super Smash Bros characters for 2024, promising you a sneak peek at the top-tier contenders and their awe-inspiring moves that have defined this newest installment. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the scene, our insights will ensure that your next battle is not just a fight for victory but a display of strategic mastery with some of the most iconic smash bros ultimate characters.

We understand the excitement and the strategic intricacies of selecting Super Smash Bros characters. In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into the abilities, strategies, and unique quirks of fan favorites like Steve, Pikachu, and newcomers who are slipping into the ranks. As we unravel the powerhouse potential of each character, from R.O.B. to Sora and from the swift Sonic to the agile Zero Suit Samus, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of not just who the smash characters are but how mastering them can lead to your dominance in Super Smash Bros. Life or Death. So, if you’re ready to level up your game and make every smash a showstopper, let’s leap into the realm of Super Smash Brothers characters and unearth the champions of 2024.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Jumping into the virtual battlefield with a character as crafty as Steve from Minecraft, added as a new DLC character to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, I’ve unlocked a playstyle that resonates with my affinity for creativity and tactical engagements. Known for his quirky block-building abilities and resourcefulness, Steve offers a novel approach to combat in Super Smash Bros characters, which requires both strategic thinking and fast-paced action.

Steve thrives when up close and personal with opponents. In my playthroughs, I’ve found that:

  • By simply walking forward and jabbing, Steve can lock many characters into a damaging sequence until they accumulate around 40% health.
  •  Holding the B button while airborne allows Steve to build a block, creating immediate terrain to my advantage, whether to distance myself from an aggressive foe or disrupt their recovery back onto the stage.
  •  His Down Tilt is a strategic edge-guarding move. When I position it correctly at the edge, it tosses fire downward, catching numerous characters in a fiery surprise as they attempt to return to the stage.
  •  Regular use of Steve’s Neutral-B is essential to my success, as it’s how I gather materials throughout a battle, enabling me to craft more formidable weapons that keep opponents on their toes.

From defensive to offensive play, Steve’s array of combat tactics is engaging and varied. Here are more of my findings:

  • Execute Up-Tilt on the ground to chain enemies in a combo that can deal 30%-40% damage, providing a significant advantage at the start of the encounter.
  •  The Minecart (Side B) is not just a quirky mode of transport; at higher percentages, it entraps enemies, potentially ringing in a K.O. or impeding recovery if they are not swift enough to escape.
  •  Regarding interruption, Steve’s standard A attack has often saved me from dire straits, particularly effective at stopping moves like Sonic’s notorious spin dashes.

Playing as Steve, it is crucial to strategically use every tool and move in your arsenal. Remember:

  • While Steve’s side A in the air is a straightforward spike move, deadly when landed correctly, his down A in the air mirrors Kirby’s classic stone attack, pulverizing opponents below.
  •  The stage influences battle strategy, impacting the available materials – more iron on Shadow Moses Island, for example. At the same time, Jungle Japes is replete with abundant wood.
  •  Leverage blocks for ledge-guarding; by building a short column by the ledge, you can compel opponents to take a lower recovery path and engage in a mixup situation, often leading to a favorable outcome for Steve players.

Despite Steve’s clever moves, it’s essential to acknowledge that specific Super Smash Bros characters have the upper hand against him. Notably, matchups against Cloud, Hero, Min Min, Pikachu, Sephiroth, and Zero-Suit Samus demand extra caution and a well-devised strategy.

As a player who enjoys turning the tides with intelligence and a little dose of ingenuity, guiding Steve – with all his blocks, crafting, and minecarts – in Super Smash Bros Life or Death is an exhilarating experience, marking him as an indispensable part of my Super Smash Bros characters arsenal. Each match is an opportunity to outsmart and outplay, achieving victory through resource management and creative battlefield control.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Shifting the focus to a character that holds a special place in the hearts of old-school Nintendo fans and competitive players, R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy), I’ve discovered an unparalleled mix of nostalgic charm and competitive edge. Originally part of the Nintendo Entertainment System (N.E.S.) kit, this unique contender has found new life as a heavyweight fighter among the Super Smash Bros characters roster. Given his origins in T.A.S. (Tool-Assisted Speedruns), it’s no surprise that his precise and calculated playstyle translates well into the fast-paced action of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

  • Long-Range Arsenal: With R.O.B., I can effectively control the battlefield from a distance thanks to his Robo Beam and Gyro, two powerful projectiles that keep adversaries at arm’s length. The beam zaps opponents from afar, while Gyro can be strategically placed to disrupt enemy approaches, making R.O.B. a force to be reckoned with in zoning tactics.
  •  Close Combat Superiority: Despite being known for his zoning tools, R.O.B.’s close-range game is nothing to scoff at. With a robust move set including jabs and tilts that can seamlessly transition into smash attacks, R.O.B. has the versatility to pivot from a defensive to an aggressive stance, catching opponents off-guard.
  •  Special Moves in the Spotlight: His Arm Rotor reflects projectiles and is an excellent interruption tool against smash bros characters attempting to edge guard. Meanwhile, the Robo Burner thrusts R.O.B. into the air, offering an exceptional recovery option, and has often proved to be a clutch move in tight situations.

R.O.B.’s standing in the super smash bros. Characters universe is nothing short of impressive. Positioned at 6th on the tier list (S Tier), R.O.B. showcases his aptitude for dominance. However, maintaining this position has challenges, as I’ve noted a few drawbacks during my gameplay. Limited options under pressure and tough matchups against characters like Palutena require a strategic adaptation and acute player reflexes.

As I’ve honed my skills with R.O.B., I’ve observed the benefits of the recent buffs to his attributes in the game. His increasingly faster motions and wider-reaching attacks are a Godsend for aggressive play:

  • Improved Ground and Aerial Attacks: The enhanced range and knockback of his ground attacks prove instrumental in dealing with opponents. Aerial attacks have their own allure, with less landing lag, allowing me to chain moves fluidly and maintain the momentum I need.
  •  Special Moves Tweaks: Modifications to his special moves have granted him an expanded toolkit, like his Arm Rotor having larger hitboxes, leading to more successful clashes and crowd control.
  •  KO-Ready Throws and Animations: With revamped moves, including throws with more ending lag, better range, and modified animations, reading an opponent’s behavior and consequently landing a K.O. has become a proper art form with R.O.B.

R.O.B. truly shines in my eyes in his no-move-is-bad toolkit, which equips players with the flexibility to adapt to any combat scenario. This trait elevates him in the hierarchy of smash bros’ ultimate characters. The playful yet strategic character is a nod to the days of the N.E.S., reminding me to pivot between strategic placements and daring offensive maneuvers. With his range, power, and versatility combination, R.O.B. remains a staple choice among Super Smash Brothers characters for both nostalgic fans and serious competitors.

As I continue my exploration of the super smash bros. Char Landscape, the robotic buddy, exemplifies the balanced fusion of retro gaming and modern competitive play. This dynamic blend ensures that every matchup is steeped in a multidimensional approach, leading to both exhilarating and intellectually satisfying victories.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Charging into the electric atmosphere of the Super Smash Bros. universe, I’ve always been drawn to the small but mighty force that is Pikachu. This electric-type Pokémon is a beacon of speed and power, embodying a versatile fighting style that has captivated my attention since its first appearance in the franchise. As a starter character in all Super Smash Bros. games, Pikachu is known for its quick and energetic moves, which I find a significant advantage in battle.

Pikachu’s Moves and Combat Techniques: Delving into its combat repertoire, I rely heavily on the speedy Headbutt, precise Up Tilt, and the dynamic Running Headbutt for those aggressive dash attacks. This super smash bros character takes to the air with a versatile suite of aerial attacks – the swift Neutral Aerial, the impactful Forward Aerial, or ‘Glider,’ and the Back Aerial, which has Pikachu zipping through the air like a comet. Not to be overlooked, the Up Aerial and the spiraling Electric Screw Down aerial pack a punch that often catches opponents by surprise.

The All-Important Special Moves:

  • Thunder Jolt (Neutral Special): This move plays a central role in my approach strategy, as the projectile’s bounce along surfaces creates a complex pattern for opponents to dodge, laying the groundwork for advancing.
  •  Forward smash (+): With the right timing, I take advantage of Pikachu’s decisive forward break to land a solid hit; the electricity arcing from Pikachu’s cheeks is a sight!
  •  Up Smash (+): My go-to for anti-air, Pikachu’s Up Smash fends off opponents descending from above, often as a critical move in my defensive arsenal.
  •  Electric Flower (+ Down Smash): A swift spin surrounded by electricity, the Down Smash is an effective way to clear space around me when I’m in a tight spot.

Diving Deeper into Pikachu’s Characteristics: I’ve come to respect Pikachu for its great aerial game and excellent movement speed, which let me navigate combat with grace and agility. Many combo possibilities open up before me, especially with Pikachu’s fantastic recovery capabilities and tricky projectile. This character’s lightweight nature can lead to being KO’ed rather early, and there’s an occasional struggle to land those K.O. moves, given the often low damage of individual attacks. But, like all Super Smash bros ultimate characters, knowing these weaknesses is just as important as leveraging its strengths.

Strategic Gameplay and Competing Matchups: I’ve learned to be keenly aware of Pikachu’s matchups; knowing when I’m at an advantage or a disadvantage can make all the difference. For instance, I understand that Pikachu might have a challenging time against characters with significant reach, so I adapt my playstyle to emphasize speed and evasion to level the playing field.

For beginners eager to harness the raw power of this iconic super smash bros. Char, the Up Throw → Down Special combo is a dependable choice for early percent kills, confirmed from 55%. Meanwhile, as my experience has grown, advanced combos have become more central to my gameplay – utilizing Up Tilt, Down Throw, and Up Throw Combos to layer on the pressure and set the stage for a strong finish.

Pikachu remains a steadfast choice among super smash bros characters for newcomers and seasoned players. With a mixed bag of strengths overshadowing its weaknesses, this super smash bros character continues to spark my competitive spirit every time I step onto the stage. If there’s anything I’ve gleamed, it’s that with Pikachu, every stage can become a thunderous battleground where speed and strategy reign supreme.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Dashing into the spotlight among the super smash bros characters is Sonic, whose claim to fame in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is as vivid as his cobalt-blue streak. Ranking impressively as the 4th out of 82 on the tier list, Sonic epitomizes speed on the battlefield, which I leverage to execute a relentless hit-and-run playstyle. His unmatched velocity offers a slate of burst options, enabling me to dance around opponents with unparalleled agility.

  • Speed is Sonic’s Game: His rapid form spearheads offensive strikes and pressures adversaries offstage.
  •  Spin to Win: With Spin Dash and Spin Charge hailed as superb neutral options, I often use these moves to initiate attacks, swiftly moving across the stage to wreak havoc or retreating to reset the neutral game.
  •  Aerial Acrobatics: Sonic’s arsenal of aerial moves, including the versatile Neutral aerial, the forward kick of his forward aerial, and the vertical launch of his up aerial, caters to a spectrum of combat scenarios.

Sonic’s distinct attributes—lightweight status combined with his notable mobility—define my gameplay. The remarkable dashing speed, the 7th fastest walking speed, and soaring air velocity provide a fluid, seamless experience when navigating the stage. At the same time, his high traction helps with swift direction changes. Sonic’s wall-jumping ability notably boosts his versatility, offering creative recovery and attack strategies.

  • Mastering Movement: Sonic’s Special Moves, such as the dynamic Spin Dash and Spin Charge, are my go-to tools for traversing stages at variable speeds, dealing consistent damage, setting up aerial strikes, or launching an uncharged Homing Attack when the opportunity arises.
  •  Ground Game Prowess: Despite their moderate damage output, Sonic’s quick neutral attack, tilt attacks, and throws make him a character that’s hard to pin down. His down throw, in particular, is a stunning semi-spike with enough knockback to lead into edge guards and tech-chases, exemplifying the strategic depth that Smash Bros characters must offer.

Despite his prowess, Sonic has his shortcomings. A critical piece of understanding his place among Super Smash bros ultimate characters involves grappling with his limited K.O. potential. Securing a knockout often hinges on precise positioning due to the apparent starting and ending lag of his more powerful moves. Furthermore, I remain aware of Sonic’s weakness in air acceleration and susceptibility to juggling, crafting my strategy to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Adaptation remains key as Sonic has undergone changes since his appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. Notably, his Spin Dash, while still a formidable approach option, can no longer shield cancel nor penetrate shields unless fully charged—an adjustment that mandates strategic planning. Furthermore, alterations in his aerial-up aerial’s knockback and the increased ending lag on the up throw necessitate a sharper focus on timing and spacing. These shifts and his reduced weight underpin the intricacies of playing Sonic, emphasizing the necessity of mastering his full potential as a top contender among super smash bros characters.

Vigilance is crucial—my investment in understanding the nuances of Sonic’s smash bros characters’ abilities ensures I can outmaneuver opponents with a blend of speed and tactical awareness. Despite some inconsistencies in his moves’ hit detection, the dedication and success of top Sonic players underscore his standing as one of the best Smash Bros ultimate characters for those ready to harness the whirlwind of speed and strategy he offers.



Ascending the ranks with effortless agility, I find Fox standing tall as a top-tier character in the roster of super smash bros characters. His exceptional movement options and stellar frame data, which catapult him to the S tier, rank him 5th out of 82 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When I step into battle as Fox, the game shifts into high gear; he’s a character that embodies speed, precision, and high damage output, capable of entirely overwhelming opponents with arguably one of the best neutrals and advantage states in the game.

Throughout my countless matches, Fox has repeatedly proven that he has many ways to secure a kill. His quick and powerful smash attacks become devastating in close quarters. At the same time, his notoriously safe back aerial near the ledge is a reliable tool I exploit for edge-guarding success. His versatility shines when transitioning from Smash 4 to Ultimate, taking advantage of the increased game speed and reduced landing lag. The nerf to air dodging has only bolstered his juggling abilities, making it even more rewarding to maintain stage control and relentlessly pursue foes in the air.

Fox’s lightweight nature, typically considered a drawback due to poor survivability, is easily outweighed by his combat prowess. His arsenal is well-equipped, where almost all moves boast less than ten frames of startup lag, contributing to his aggressive approach and complex combo strings. Here’s a deeper insight into why Fox is a juggernaut among super smash bros ultimate characters:

  • Blazing Ground Moves: With all grounded moves, excluding smash attacks, having low startup and ending lag, I weave a seamless barrage of attacks capable of flowing from one into the next almost effortlessly.
  •  Aerial Onslaught: Fox’s aerials come with rapid startup lag, and many of them auto-cancel from a short hop or come with minimal landing lag. Elements like these make his aerial approaches and shield pressure tools incredibly fearsome.
  •  Combo Maestro: One of Fox’s most exhilarating capabilities is his combo potential. Almost all of his moves can seamlessly transition into each other, offering me a variety of K.O. confirmations that keep the opponent guessing and on the defensive.

Anchoring my offense with tilts such as forward tilt, up tilt, and down tilt, these moves serve as the backbone for extending combos and punishing those unfortunate whiffs from my rivals. Dash attack, another quintessential move in Fox’s kit, is quick and reliable for catching opponents off-guard. The early hit of this move can combo into an array of aerials or create a 50:50 situation with his forward or up aerial. And, when the stakes are high, and percentages soar, the late hit-of-dash attack becomes my go-to setup into an up-smash for a climactic K.O.

Fox’s aerials themselves – the neutral aerial, forward aerial, back aerial, up aerial, and down aerial, not only deal average or above-average damage but also feed into my combo game. They can transition into other air maneuvers and ground-based assaults like clockwork. Whenever I pick Fox from the lineup of smash bros characters, it’s an implicit promise of a match brimming with action and a showcase of technical prowess. From edge to edge, they offer a dance of speed and strategy that demands respect and sharp reflexes, proving why Fox remains a top choice for players navigating the ever-evolving landscape of super smash bros. Char.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Upon selecting Peach as one of my go-to super smash bros characters, I’m greeted with a character whose finesse in the air and on the ground makes her a formidable opponent. As a medium-sized character in “Super Smash Bros Ultimate,” Peach brings a well-rounded play style to my game, thanks to her versatile moveset, robust combo potential, and power-packed aerial attacks. With every float and stride, Peach adds a layer of refined strategy to the brawl, ensuring that my approach remains unpredictable and my offense is tenacious.

Peach’s standard jab might be on the softer side of her arsenal, often considered her weakest move. Yet, it serves a purpose beyond its initial impression. As I’ve learned to weave it into my combos, this jab becomes a handy combo finisher, dishing out that extra damage and thrusting opponents away when needed. It’s a subtle touch that can shift the dynamics of a close encounter.

Her uniqueness as a character in the super smash bros ultimate characters lineup is showcased through her specials:

  • Vegetable (Down Special): Harvesting victory with Peach often involves utilizing her signature move, “Vegetable,” where she plucks a turnip from the ground that can be wielded for offense or defense. I’ve thrown these turnips to disrupt enemy advances or littered the stage to control space and create openings.
  •  Toad (Neutral Special): “Toad” is a crafty counter-move in my defensive toolkit. Whenever an incoming attack threatens, activating this exceptional has Toad leap to Peach’s defense, puffing out spores that turn the tables on any overly aggressive smash bros characters vying to break my guard.

However, her forward smash attack exemplifies her flexibility in battle. With a second directional input, I can alter her smash to wield a golf club, frying pan, or tennis racket, each offering its distinct range, angle, and knockback, which adds to the rich tapestry of the Super Smash Brothers characters. But her ability to float midair truly elevates Peach in the eyes of smash bros characters connoisseurs. This aids in recovery and confers an advantage in aerial duels but also allows her to attack without dropping any item she holds, a feature I use to significant effect in maintaining continuous pressure.

However, every character has weaknesses, and Peach is no exception in the pantheon of super smashbros characters. Her down aerial, while potent, has a small hitbox that necessitates precise execution. Should I misjudge and miss with a side special, Peach is left wide open, a state that savvy opponents eagerly capitalize on. Moreover, those fond memories of Perry the Parasol from “Super Princess Peach” won’t be of much aid here—Peach no longer transforms with her parasol.

But let it not be said that these shortcomings diminish her standing among the smash bros ultimate characters; Peach’s strengths far outweigh her weaknesses. With her exemplary aerial game, horizontal recovery, expansive and adaptable moveset, impressive item play, and numerous attacks that pack a strong K.O. punch, guiding Peach through the chaos of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is both a delight and a demonstration of strategic proficiency. Her grace on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide in a flash with a well-placed float or a stinging smash attack, ensures her spot as a character to be reckoned with and mastered within the illustrious ranks of super smash bros. Char.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Swinging into the high-stakes world of Super Smash Bros. characters with a hefty Buster Sword, I’ve taken a liking to Cloud Strife, hailing from the iconic Final Fantasy VII. His debut as DLC in Super Smash Bros. 4 and return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cements his place in the hearts of players seeking a mix of power and agility. As a middling heavy swordfighter, I find his mobility surprisingly swift, and his range—one of the longest due to that magnificent blade—leaves many opponents scrambling to find safe ground. Venturing into battle with Cloud, I am regularly reminded of the careful balance required to wield such a character, where every strike can be monumental and every miss costly.

Aerials that Dominate the Skyline:

  • Neutral Aerial: This wide-spanning move is a staple in my aerial assaults, covering enough area to pressure foes near and far.
  •  Up Aerial: I frequently turn to the up aerial when juggling opponents. Its satisfying damage output and knockback keep adversaries airborne longer than they’d wish.
  •  Down Aerial: There’s something ruthlessly gratifying about a solid meteor smash, and Cloud’s down aerial delivers this with a vengeance.

Cloud’s Limit Break Mechanic—A Game Changer:

  • Fully Charged Glory: I can supercharge his specials by Harnessing Cloud’s signature ability from Final Fantasy VII. Watching his Neutral Special evolve into a more menacing Blade Beam or his Down Special turn into the deadly Finishing Touch encourages strategic timing to release Limit Break at the most devastating moments.
  •  Special Moves Arsenal: Besides the enchanting Blade Beam, Cloud’s Side Special, Cross Slash, has secured me many decisive victories with its cutting precision. Meanwhile, his Up Special, Climhazzard, offers not just a striking vertical assault but a necessary recovery tool when I find myself least expecting to need it.
  •  Final Smash – Omnislash: When I unleash Cloud’s Final Smash, that unforgiving series of slashes culminates in a mighty downward strike. It often signifies the endgame for my opponent, a spectacular finish that never ceases to electrify the atmosphere.

Despite being placed as an enviable 10th in the S-tier for super smash bros ultimate characters—and one I frequently gravitate towards in tournaments—the mindful approach I adopt with Cloud can’t be understated. With a Limit Break that now dwindles after 15 brief seconds, I must be tactical, ensuring my buffed state isn’t squandered. Each powerful swing of the Buster Sword is a double-edged affair, offering a remarkable payoff if landed but leaving me vulnerable if misjudged. Precise spacing, particularly offstage, is a skill I’ve labored to perfect, as it is crucial in safely landing my attacks and retaining the upper hand.

The intricacies of Cloud’s playstyle, with a grab game not entirely up to par and a recovery that sharp opponents could exploit, persistently test my strategic limits. Yet it’s the combination of his strengths that sees a devoted following continue to garner superb tournament results—a testament to the impact a well-played Cloud can have within the dynamic battlefield of smash bros characters. Engaging with Cloud, I’m perpetually reminded that every action carries weight; every moment is a chance to assert dominance or face downfall, making each match a thrilling encounter in the realm of Super Smash Brothers characters.

Zero Suit Samus

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Diving into the arena with Zero Suit Samus (Z.S.S.), the intergalactic bounty hunter sans her power suit, I master mobility and precision. Z.S.S.’s speed and agility are her trademarks within the Super Smash Bros characters, where she’s recognized for her adept close-range combat. With the ability to zip across the battlefield and a veritable smorgasbord of recovery moves, such as her Up B, Down B, and Side B, Z.S.S. excels in punishing her opponent’s landings and orchestrating edge guards with finesse. Though her grab game might not be the most intimidating and her capacity to clinch a kill is sometimes questioned, her swift movements and special abilities like paralyzing shots and burying opponents often tip the scales.

In the fast-paced landscape of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Z.S.S.’s gameplay reflects the evolution of SmashBross characters through time. While her recovery received a nerf, making each leap back to the platform a more cautious endeavor, she gained velocity. This boost has propelled her to new strategic heights. That said, steering Z.S.S. to victory is not without its trials, demanding a thoughtful and patient approach. Her complexity as a Super Smash Bros. character is a compelling aspect that beckons mastery and rewards persistence with exceptional performance on the battlefield.

Advanced techniques are where Z.S.S. really gets to showcase her metagame-altering skills. Familiarity with moves like the Dash attack lock—a punishing sequence that holds opponents in place for follow-up hits—is only the tip of the iceberg. Many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, including Z.S.S., benefit significantly from implementing a repository of advanced maneuvers like:

  • Wave dashing and L-Cancelling: Essential for deceptive movement and reducing landing lag, giving players smoother transitions into ground attacks.
  •  Chain Grabbing and Edge Cancelling: Tactics that enable me to sustain combos and avoid vulnerabilities upon landing.
  •  Reverse Aerial Rush and B-Reversing: Crucial for unexpected turnaround attacks and shifting momentum, often catching opponents off-guard.

Although unintended by the game’s creators, these technical skills refine a player’s technique, enabling them to outclass competitors by strategically deploying unexpected and effective combat strategies.

However, players drawn to characters like Z.S.S. should know that such reliance on sophisticated tech may steepen the learning curve, potentially alienating new or casual players. Embracing these techniques is integral to pushing the envelope of what’s achievable with smash bros characters, making the mastery of Z.S.S. both a monumental and incredibly rewarding feat. For those willing to invest the time, Z.S.S. can be an electrifying Super Smash Bros character to maneuver within the annals of Super Smash Bros. history.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Embarking on battles with Sora, the beloved protagonist from the Kingdom Hearts series, adds a distinct flair to the Super SmashBross characters lineup. As a lightweight fighter, Sora floats onto the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene and settles at rank 31 out of 82 on the tier list, a testament to his intriguing blend of agility and combo-centric fighting style. His inclusion brings a unique combat rhythm, one where setting up chains of attacks for substantial damage build-up is crucial.

Combos and Recovery:

  • Combos Galore: From ground to air, Sora’s repertoire is brimming with natural combos. Utilizing his unique double jump, I engage in lengthy combo loops that stack damage rapidly and lead to potential K.O.s.
  •  Triple Threat Dashes: Among his notable damage-building skills is the ability to execute three successive dashes in the air, which not only serve to lock onto enemies for follow-up attacks but double as a robust recovery mechanism.
  •  K.O. with Up-B: Surprisingly, Sora’s primary recovery move, Up-B, emerges as a robust kill option, reliably dispatching most super smash bros characters from the stage at moderate damage percentages.

Spellcasting Dynamics:

  • Sora’s arsenal of spells—Firaga, Thunderga, and Blizzaga—carries both potency and risk. Each spell offers quirks, like the Firaga’s push-pull dynamic that manipulates enemy positions. When wielding Thundaga, one of Sora’s mightiest spells, I remain vigilant of its significant ending lag that could turn a battlefield triumph into a moment of vulnerability. Mastering the challenging but rewarding Blizzaga spell feels like an absolute conquest when the timing aligns just right.

Aerial Supremacy and Special Moves:

  • Sora’s Neutral Air—a triple Keyblade swing in the skies—is remarkably versatile, leading into various other moves or disorienting foes with a sudden attack pattern. Tactically, I exploit Sora’s Forward-Air from the screen’s edge, a move that’s both a mainstay in his offstage gameplay and a powerful tool for securing K.O.s. Additionally, his special moves grant generous utility, including a strong grab game with fast grabs and reliable throws that initiate combos or confirm a K.O.

However, embracing Sora requires an awareness of his limitations among the Super Smash Brothers’ characters. His range is notably shorter than other sworders, creating a challenge to connect with enemies without delving into their threat zones. While unique, his floaty nature and leisurely double jump demand precision to navigate efficiently without falling prey to aerial threats from smash bros characters.

Sora’s distinctive combat attributes, such as high active frames, amplify the fluidity of fighting and confer leeway when striking advantageously. But special attacks come with their inconveniences—needing to cycle through spells with Magic and Sonic Blade’s reduced potency when shielded—both necessitate adaptability in one’s combat strategy amidst the fray of super smash bros’ ultimate characters.

Despite range and air mobility hurdles, Sora stands firm in the arena, requiring a blended approach of careful defense and calculated aggression. Sora is a super smash bros with his extensive damage output and profound K.O. potential. The character that echoes the courage and the heart, which his original series is celebrated for. Navigating his complexities is not just a measure of one’s prowess but an exploration of what makes Sora a genuinely formidable, if not enchanting, contender among the smash bros ultimate characters.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Smash Bros Characters in 2024

Stepping into the fray as Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise, I embrace the role of a zoner-type character within the diverse Super SmashBross characters. This strategic play involves embodying Link and his alternate forms, Young Link and Toon Link, with each incarnation displaying distinct traits and playstyles. Link’s Master Sword does more than just slice and dice; I’ve discovered that its extended range is pivotal to my zoning strategies, allowing me to control the field and keep opponents on a leash from a safe distance.

Despite Link’s slower run speed, I’ve come to appreciate the balance it brings to his character design. In the heat of battle, his quick grab emerges as one of the fastest among the super smash bros ultimate characters, becoming a weapon in its own right within my arsenal. The bomb mechanics, inspired by their Breath of the Wild iteration, are a game-changer—remote activation means I can set traps and detonate on my terms, turning the tide of a skirmish with a well-timed explosion.

Necessary Tactics for Mastering Link:

  • Adequate Spacing: I must utilize Link’s range to space myself precisely, kiting opponents and delivering damage without placing myself at undue risk.
  •  Defensive Maneuvers: Given Link’s size and weight, which make him more susceptible to hits, I practice patience and hone my defensive tactics, including shield timing and precise evasions.
  •  Edgeguarding Mastery: With the decisiveness of an elite swordsman, I perfect my edge-guarding techniques, ensuring opponents feel the pressure to regain the stage against my vigilant assaults.

When engaging as Link in combat, I refined my technique with his aerial attacks and the Up-B, which are vital for stringing together hard-hitting combos and exerting pressure. The high K.O. potential of his Master Sword, especially with smash attacks and his renowned up-special, offers a satisfying conclusion to my well-crafted offenses. Nonetheless, in my adventures as this iconic Hylian, an aspect of his complexity emerges: Link lacks the security of a tether recovery, solely relying on his up-special and, in desperate times, strategic bomb self-explosions for his return to the battlefield.

The intricacy of employing Link’s toolkit, mainly his explosives, demands dedication and a significant investment of time to master. When I finally pinpoint the ultimate Link for my gameplay style, choosing from among the trio of Links, it’s a profound decision defined by each version’s strengths and weaknesses. The depth and variety in their toolkits engage me to push the envelope, experimenting with each super smash bros character to discover the perfect fit for my strategic inclinations.

Players like me, striving to dominate with Link, must recognize that the journey is arduous and rewarding. His tricky bomb mechanics, imposing swordplay, and the need to govern the space around him necessitate a thorough understanding of this layered character. Whether striking from a distance, setting up a bomb-riddled battlefield, or learning the finer points of his recovery, mastering Link is a quest worthy of any seasoned player of smash characters. The blend of power, precision, and versatility cements his place within the Super Smash Brothers characters as one that rewards the wise warrior, disclosing the vast tactical potential behind that iconic green tunic.


In conclusion, our exploration of the top-tier Super Smash Bros. characters for 2024 has provided many strategic insights and highlighted the dynamic abilities that set these fighters apart in “Super Smash Bros. Life or Death.” From the resourceful innovation of Steve’s block-building prowess to the electrifying mobility of Sonic, each character’s unique quirks and combat strategies have been meticulously examined, emphasizing the depth and excitement inherent in mastering these virtual contenders. The careful balance of power, agility, and precision brought to the battlefield by each character reinforces the intricate tapestry of playstyles available to players looking to dominate in this latest installment.

As the final pixelated dust settles, the significance of choosing the exemplary character to match your playstyle and strategic inclinations cannot be overstated. While the journey through the rankings and matchups can be as challenging as it is thrilling, the profound sense of achievement when mastering your chosen fighter is unmatched. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Super Smash Bros. arena, the characters of 2024 stand ready to launch you into epic battles, test your skills, and even redefine your gaming legacy. With these diverse and iconic characters at your fingertip.

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