Xbox Series X Arrives On November 10 For $499

Microsoft’s high-end, next-generation console has been priced and dated and could be pre-ordered on September 22. Xbox Series X will launch on November 10 for $499. This announcement comes simply days later after the leak and eventual reveal of the Xbox Series S, a slimmed down next-gen Xbox console that may retail for $299 and likewise arrive on November 10.

Xbox Series X has been the main target of Microsoft’s communication about its next-gen machines, and would be the one that gives all the bells and whistles. The hope is that this console will ship true 4K gaming, which ought to be attainable with its 12 teraflops of energy and 1 TB customized SSD. We nonetheless do not have all the efficiency specs for Xbox Series S.

Are you enthusiastic about Xbox Series X or S? Do you suppose you will undertake early or wait to see how the launch goes?

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