The House of the Dead 1 Review

The House of the Dead 1
The House of the Dead 1

The House of the Dead 1 Review In the arcade or in the residence, Sega’s House of the Dead is principally a wedding of Capcom’s zombie thriller Resident Evil to the fashionable Virtua Cop gun sport sequence.

Like Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2, and even Namco’s Time Crisis, you end up dragged round on rails via completely different 3D environments, which you view via a first-person perspective.

The House of the Dead (ザ・ハウス・オブ・ザ・デッド Za Hausu obu za Deddo?) is a horror-themed rail capturing sport developed by SEGA AM1 (now WOW Entertainment) and launched by Sega to arcades in 1996.

Set throughout the fictional occasions of December 18th, 1998, The House o

Arcade (JP)

f the Dead follows AMS brokers Thomas Rogan and G, who examine the mansion of genetic engineer Dr. Curien. In a match of madness, Curien has produced hostile creatures which threaten mankind.

Developed in simply over a 12 months, the sport was envisioned by Sega AM1 as having replay worth and interesting to grownup horror followers. It ran on the Sega Model 2 arcade {hardware}.

The arcade sport was ported to the SEGA Saturn and Microsoft Windows. It additionally acquired two cell variations: The House of the Dead Mobile, and The House of the Dead: Nightmare. While the primary premise and the characters concerned stayed the similar, the latter sport deviated from the unique by utilizing an aerial perspective reasonably than viewing from first-person.


Thomas Rogan
Dr. Curien
Sophie Richards



Players use a light-weight gun (or mouse, in the PC model) to intention and shoot at approaching enemies. Both characters’ pistols maintain 6 rounds in {a magazine}; gamers reload by capturing outdoors the display. Levels, or chapters, consist of preventing creatures, rescuing DBR researchers, and capturing destructible objects for bonus objects. Each chapter ends with a boss battle.

The gamers’ lives are represented by torches subsequent to every journal; one torch is eliminated with each enemy assault and hostage shot. Losing all lives kills the participant and triggers a “Continue?” display, adopted by a sport over if one elects to not proceed. Bonus lives are earned by rescuing researchers and amassing first-aid kits hidden in the setting. Other objects embody cash and hopping golden frogs, which award factors.


The home of the useless

The sport’s worth is fairly thick, as there are frequent a number of paths via the home relying on elements comparable to saving people and capturing open doorways and vents in the background. Add to that the incontrovertible fact that the sport’s pretty lengthy and the quantity of continues are fastened, and you’ve got a sport that you will be enjoying for some time. And since the two-player mode has additional enemies to face, it is hardly a stroll in the park, and so it’ll preserve you and a pal enjoying for fairly a while, too.

If you are a Saturn proprietor, you have not had a superb gun sport come out in your system since Fox Interactive’s Die Hard Trilogy was launched greater than a 12 months and a half in the past. You owe it to your self to choose this up, as a result of for those who can ignore the graphics, it is a good time. It’s not fairly Namco’s Time Crisis, but it surely’s far nearer to that high-marking title than a bottom-of-the-barrel dweller like Konami’s Crypt Killer.


Console ports


Graphical comparison between the arcade (left) and home port versions (right).

Initially released to arcades, The House of the Dead was ported to the PC and Sega Saturn with downgraded graphics.


In late September 2019,

Polish website reported that Forever Entertainment, the developer

responsible for remaking the first two games in Sega’s Panzer Dragoon series, will

remake the original House of the Dead, as well as The House of the Dead 2.

[13] Forever Entertainment confirmed via Twitter on October 3, 2019 that they had

signed an agreement to produce said remakes. No further details were provided.[4]





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