Salman Khan Was The Only Reason to Come Mumbai, Wanted to Marry Him: Somy Ali

“How evanescent those loves and friendships seem at this distance in time…We move on, make new attachments. We grow old. But sometimes, we hanker for old friendships, the old loves,” Ruskin Bond writes in his e-book Delhi Not Far. Looks like Bond was so proper when it comes to Somy Ali. Remember Somy Ali? 30 years in the past, when she entered Bollywood and Mumbai, she was the discuss of the city due to her rumoured affair with Salman Khan – a younger star who was a heartthrob by then. Some 20 years later, Somy Ali has come out with a long-kept open secret – her love for Salman Khan. In an interview with Bombay Times, Somy Ali has revealed, “I kept pleading [to mother] that I have to go to India and marry this guy — Salman Khan.” Ali’s admission comes thirty years later, coincidentally that is Valentine’s Week. Also Read – Blackbuck Poaching Case: Salman Khan Apologises For ‘Mistakenly’ Giving Fake Affidavit

Pakistan-born actor Somy Ali had a quick profession in Bollywood. The diva, at the moment based mostly in Miami, opens up on her love curiosity and the way she by no means felt like she might match on the planet of appearing. There is an fascinating story of Somy Ali that she lately revealed, – she needed to marry Salman Khan! While talking to Bombay Times, Somy spilled the beans that she had an enormous crush on SK. After watching Maine Pyar Kiya in 1991, all she needed was to marry Salman. “It was 1991 and I was 16. I saw Maine Pyar Kiya, and I went, ‘I have to marry this guy!’ I told my mom that I am going to India tomorrow. She, of course, sent me off to my room, but I kept pleading that I have to go to India and marry this guy — Salman Khan. That night, I had a dream that I have to go marry Salman because he is going to be my saviour. Since she wouldn’t relent, I called my dad. Of course, I didn’t tell him why I wanted to visit India”, the actor informed the portal. Also Read – Priyanka Chopra Jonas Was Asked to Show Her Panties, And Get a ‘B**b Job’ Done – Unfinished Reveals All

“I told him that we have relatives in Mumbai and I wanted to meet them. I also told him that my biggest dream is to see the Taj Mahal, which I must admit, I haven’t seen to this day (laughs!). I was born in Pakistan and had lived there for a few years before I move to Miami, so I spent a week there, and then landed in India and checked into a five-star hotel. People used to make fun of me because I was this “struggling actor”, who was staying at a luxurious lodge”, she joked. Also Read – Old is Gold! Salman Khan Shares 33-Year-Old Video to Wish Best Friend Sadiq on His Anniversary, Gives Hilarious Advice to ‘Run Away’

Somy Ali revealed her preliminary days: “I was every director’s nightmare and refused to go for rehearsals. I was different from others. I was too Americanised and too much of a tomboy. I was such a misfit in the film industry. I had no interest in pursuing a film career, and my only goal, which sounds preposterous at this age, was that I have to marry Salman.”

Not simply this, Somy additionally revealed her traumatic story from her childhood when she was sexually abused. “I grew up in a home in Pakistan, where I witnessed domestic violence. I have no qualms about admitting that a house help sexually abused me from the age of five to nine. Then, when I moved to the US at 11, I was a victim of rape, and later, domestic violence, too. For me, it was like taking all the bad that I had endured and building something good out of it, in the form of this organisation. See, you can be sorry for yourself, or make sure that whatever happened to you doesn’t happen to others.”

The actress has been part of movies similar to Anth (1994), Yaar Gaddar (1994), Aao Pyaar Karein (1994), Andolan (1995) and Chupp (1997).

Somy Ali is now an activist, working for girls’s rights, victims of home and sexual abuse. She began her NGO, No More Tears, to rescue girls from home abuse. Some 30 years later, Salman Khan has earned a repute of Bollywood’s Robin Hood Khan. Friends to many, Salman Khan is thought for giving helping-hand to a number of upcoming actors and artists. I’m refraining from itemizing his fan following and attraction amongst youth.

Salman Khan has nevertheless not reacted to Somy Ali’s revelations to date. But for now, we’re leaving you with Ruskin Bond’s quote: “Sometimes I wish I was young again. Or that I could travel back in time and pick up the threads. Absent so long, I may have stopped loving you, friends; but I will never stop loving the Day I loved you.”

Will Salman Khan choose up the thread?


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