Reverse horror game Carrion surpasses 200,000 copies sold since launch

Carrion, the reverse horror game from Phobia Game Studio, has sold greater than 200,000 copies since its launch final week. 

The game has additionally been performed by “hundreds of thousands of players” on Xbox Game Pass, to the delight of the developer. To have fun, writer Devolver Digital has launched a “Behind the Screams” video with the creature from Carrion, which is a bit weird however very on model for Devolver. 

In the game, the participant controls this pink blob of… one thing which escapes its confines in a analysis facility. It maims, murders, and devours the entire scientists and troopers who get in its manner, and learns methods to use new talents when it claims its genetic code, saved in labs for research. For instance, it learns methods to camouflage itself, or it learns methods to harden its pores and skin for a shielding impact from hearth and bullets. It grows ever bigger, and this “vengeful plate of spaghetti and meatballs sucked into a vacuum cleaner” enacts its revenge on the people that thought they might seize it. Josh thought it was good ol’ enjoyable in his assessment. 

Carrion is out now for PC, Switch, and Xbox One. Watch the “Behind the Screams” video under. 


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