Pubg Mobile Desi Esp Latest Version

Today I Will Show How to Use Desi Esp Hack.

What is PUBG Mobile Desi Esp Hack:  This UBG Mobile Desi Esp create New Indian developer. Has gained a lot of popularity in a few days.100,000 people are currently using this developer Desi Esp Hack. Desi Esp 100 %anti ban nowadays. It is a type of Desi Esp available for PUBG Mobile which enables to see things that are otherwise unknowable like a the name, health, gun , aimbotand position of other players.

Is it Legal?

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Desi Esp Hack Advantages :

There are many advantages of using Desi Esp hack in-game, you can easily spot enemies in-game and shoot them easily by using Desi Esp mobile aimbot, If you want to remove the weapon recoil you can simply use Desi Esp .
Desi Esp SP totally different than others :
» No lag situation no_entry_sign.
» No battery drain situation battery.
» Smoothest free Esp ever.

» No want one other app for Esp.


Desi Esp All V6.0 32bit + 64bit

1.Crash issue Fixed
2. Android 11 support
3.Airdrop ,dead crate , Aeroplane added
4.Grenade Warning added
5.Enemy Weapon
6. Separate Vehicle name
7. FPS control added
8.Android 6+
9.Free key option in aps
Play Smart. Avoid Reports


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