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Pubg Hack Now available Mokka official.


PUBG MOBILE is now probably the most performed video games on Android and iOS. So, I have to assume that loads of your folk are enjoying this sport.

Have you ever needed to be the very best participant at PUBG amongst your folks? Well, if the reply is sure, it’s best to positively consider the choice of utilizing a hack. I imply that’s probably not a foul factor in case you are doing it for enjoyable.

Pubg Hack  Aimbot work?

The aimbot and also the wallhack functions can be activated very Eshy inside the menu. You will have the possibility to activate and deactivate them whenever you want.

Pubg Mobile New Hack

        • ESP
        • Speed Hack
        • Aimbot Hack
        • Jump Hack
        • Anti-Ban Safe Your ID All Hack
        • Auto-Aim Hacks
        • X-Ray Vision

Popular Pubg Hack Name

      • Evolution ESP
      • Dego Gh Gameloop Emulator

      • Sharpshooter

      • Desi Esp
      • cCASTER ES

Want your Pubg Hack own key

Daily, weekly, monthly and season keys are available. You can also message the appropriate reseller for your region to get a key.


1. Complete re-write of aimbot stack, featuring the best touch simulation aimbot ever written.
2. ESP security improvements for bullet proof safety.
3. Removal of brutal aimbot.
4. Full support for all variants of PUBG Mobile 1.3.0.
5. Support for all Magisk versions.


Our backend servers are going down in the next 30 minutes. Please uninstall the old version of Evolution and wait for the update to be posted. It is going to take a few hours, as we have a bunch of UAT tasks to be performed before we can release the update for public consumption.

ALL MONTHLY AND WEEKLY KEYS purchased after Feb, 2021 are eligibile for compensation. Please contact your reseller for details about the same. Please don’t forget to include details about your purchase and your key ONLY ( NOT password) so that your requests can be processed faster.

How To Use Pubg Hack

Safe TIPS: PUBG Mobile 1.3.0

Safety status

✅ ESP safe
✅ Aimbot safe (Humanized)

1. Although the brutal aimbot can be used highly successfully, please make sure you at least use a small FOV for it. Higher than 150 is not recommended. To be absolutely safe, use the humanized aimbot.

2. Recoil reduction is safe, however, please use only the amount you need for better performance.

3. The humanized aimbot is fully safe for main accounts. Just make sure that if you use a high FOV, you must turn on dynamic smoothing for increased safety. It makes the aim less powerful but more resilient against server side analyisis.

4. Try not to keep random root apps on your phone.

5. Safetynet clearance is recommended but not compulsory yet. Better to have it working.

6. A high +ve or -ve aim curve bias may lead to missed shots and overaim but is much safer than no aim curve bias.

7. Long distance spraying is possible but it’s better to avoid it nonetheless as there are increased chances of you being reported when you laser enemies from a distance.

8. The newer versions of Magisk have much more resilience against root detection, so we recommend everyone who is on Android 11 to upgrade to Magisk 21. Magisk 20 is perfectly alright on Android 10.

Evolution ESP : Click Here

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