PhasmoMenu Cheat – Phasmophobia By PappyG

PhasmoMenu by PappyG is an all-inclusive cheater in the online game Phasmophobia that is free for all players. If you’d like to access additional game features including knowing information regarding ghosts and players navigating through walls, moving quickly around the map, employ unlimited skills, and so on it is recommended to take note of this cheat code for Steam Phasmophobia.

How to use PhasmoMenu :

  1. The first step is to first, download first, CheatEngine 7.4 from the official website.
  2. Start the game now. Phasmophobia
  3. Launch PhasmoMenu v0.3.3 By PappyG.CETRAINER
  4. Main Window is minimized while playing game. To open this window to display again, use Alt+Tab, or click on at the very top of any open window.
  5. If you are unsuccessful Try again.

Ive uploaded a revised version. It has several major improvements. I was rushed to release the menu and skipped some bugs, so I apologize. We’ll have to wait until Approval.Some problems found in 0.3.4 are fixed with v0.3.4.7 (Awaiting approval):-Checking for invincible, and then unchecking the invincible, then dying and crashing (Affects the spawn body)

  • The use of cursed objects causes crashes
  • Killing a player 4 times kills you instead

Phasmophobia Hack Cheat:

A Phasmophobia hack can allow players to summon several items at the same time. It seems like a great idea in the beginning but it’s really not as simple as it sounds, and can make playing more challenging. A few players have also attempted using hacks to harass other players, which can be extremely dangerous. There is also an option to increase the number of people on the map.

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Status Safe
Last Update 16/06/2022
Developer PappyG
Type Of Cheats Phasmophobia
PhasmoMenu Cheat Menu



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