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This CS:GO injector is based on the Custom Injector from MadLoader. You might be surprised to learn that I will also run the MadLoader Injector exterior. This is because not everyone wants a CSGO Loader. The Injector is currently undetected and has a simple design.

This MadInjector CSS:GO Cheat Injector is built on the Custom Injector. Some may wonder why I would run the Injector outside MadLoader. Because not everyone wants a CS-GO Loader. The MadInjector CSS:GO Cheat Injector Github: (Click Here) has a simple design and is still undiscovered.


  • Safety load library injection
  • -Repair files method
  • Software Updater (Automatic).
  • -Open Source


  • -Turn off antivirus software on your computer
  • -Extract the file
  • -Start “MadInjectrSetup.exe” as an administrator
  • -Install MadInjectr
  • After setup, you are able to start the MadInjector

How to use Injector

  1. – Disable any antivirus software on your computer
  2. – Start CSGO
  3. – Click [Choose File] to choose your file (cheat.dll).
  4. – Wait for the initialization to be successful
  5. – Click on [Inject]
  6. – Enjoy!

MadInjector has been open-sourced since 20.11.21 and is no longer closed-source. It is important to note that the file structure is not unique to Visual Studio projects. The setup file (Inno Setup Compiler) is the driving force of the project. Here you will find the various components of MadInjector.

Last Update 11/24/2021
Developer ByMynix
Type Of Cheats Injectors
Version 1.3


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