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Pubg Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass for LDPLayer

What Is LDPLayer:

LDPlayer 4 is a powerful Android emulator that lets you enjoy all sorts of games and apps on your computer. It’s a tool that emulates Android 7.1, so you can install more apps than in other emulators available on Windows. But the new features with respect to the original LDPlayer don’t stop there; they’ve also improved the general performance.

What Is Pubg Mobile Emulator Bypass :

Emulator Bypass– This hach will bypass emulator examine and you’re going to get matched with cell -players ruining their sport play(worst hack in my view)

Requirements  LDPLayer Emulator Bypass :

1.LDPlayer 4

2. Download  MOKKA BYPASS TOOL LDPLayer 

How To LDPlayer Emulator Detected Bypass :
1. First install LdPlaye Emulator

2.Disable Windows Defender  

3.Now open Mokka Bypass Tool

4.Run Mokka Bypass Tool

5.Get Free Key  Past And Login


Before using 2nd Emulator method, you should clone your LD player while it’s logged in the account you’re playing on.

How to use 2nd Emulator Method using LD-Mokka v2.0:

1- Click Start Emu.

2- Tick Memory BP if you’re gonna use any memory hacks.

3- Press Start BP.

4- Click Remove Mem R/W Protection in lobby “BEFORE OPENING ANY KIND OF HACKS”.

5- When you join a game, Tick “Block 1st Emu” as soon as you enter the Island, then click “Start 2nd Emu”.

6- After you finish the match, either win or die, click safe exit



  • MOKKA BYPASS TOOL LDPLayer v2.7 [0.19]

Click me Need 2.7


  • LDPlayer BYPass Updated
  • Added Memory Bypass (u have to block 1st emulator when enter game) or u will get device not match problem i will try to fix it soon
  • fixed network error problem when login
  • More Bug Fix

Click me Need 2.6



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