Land of Screens is point-and-click adventure game about switching off social media

Serenity Forge has introduced its new point-and-click adventure game about switching off social media and beginning new after a break-up, titled Land of Screens. 

Holland, the heroine of this story, has break up up together with her boyfriend of 5 years. Who ended it? What occurred? Was there anybody else? Is it none of your online business? 

Exactly. Her social media accounts are trilling and pinging and jingling with the sounds of different folks, and it’s doing her head in. “She’ll need the help of old friends and new acquaintances—and they’ll need help from her—to dodge the online madness and finally unplug for a while,” learn the outline from the developer. “By diving (or stumbling) into fresh experiences, new relationships, and accidental adventures, Holland might just stand a fighting chance of escaping the ever-present creep of social media drama.”

I’m into it. The artwork type is candy and expressive, and it appears like a chilled exploration of human connection. Land of Screens involves PC in 2021.


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