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kiddion Mod

Kiddions Mod Menu Free GTA 5 Online 2021 Undetected ( Kiddion’s Modest External Menu )

Hey, gamers ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž Following the latest update to GTA 5 online most of the well-known GTA 5 hacks have stopped functioning and if you’re trying in search of a solution, then you’re in the right place . We have here kiddions mod menus for free to play GTA V online.

Since a while, it’s been a long time since I’ve started working on creating my personal menu. Although I created it for myself, I’m assuming that it will be reliable and helpful enough for other users, however it’s still a work-in-progress the making.
I’ve been trying to incorporate the typical features that many menus include. But I’ve been focusing on introducing distinctive features that make the game more enjoyable. The most prominent feature is a built-in online vehicle spawner. AFAIK this is the first instance it’s done externally.
To spawn vehicles there are three types of spawning are available

  • “Spawn Anonymous” will spawn vehicles close to the player when there’s enough space. This technique should work with any type of vehicle, which includes Blimps of all kinds Snow vehicles and more. (This method is not compatible for base.) Army bases.)
  • “Spawn Pegasus” will spawn vehicles via Pegasus It’s the most simple method, and it should be compatible with all types of vehicles.
  • “Spawn Personal Vehicle” will create vehicles using the empty space of your garage. This will not spawn blacklisted cars and it won’t create special vehicles, planes, or Helicopters. But it will create close to them and is likely the most reliable method.

Other brand new(?) features include the ability to request any vehicle with no mechanical cooling down, calling an air strike as well as heli backup, and many various other services online (all completely at no cost).
This mod is entirely external and doesn’t utilize any natives at all.

What exactly is Kiddions Mod Menu?

Kiddions is an innovative new generation of GTA 5 mod menus online Kiddions was created by our friend from an unknown cheating website kiddion. He made it available for free be used on the cheater’s forums and is continuously changing the menus with each new patch update for GTA online. I personally utilize the option on my primary account and have never been banned even after playing for hours during one session on the server.

How to Use kiddion Mod

  • The menu can be downloaded
  • Begin GTA5 and ensure that the game has fully loaded
  • Start the mod
  • Check out the disclaimer, then click OK.
  • Keys with default settings comprise:
    to hide/show the menu
    to return,
    and to navigate between the menu choices.
    and also to reduce or increase the value currently in place.
    to enable an option, change its value or apply any change in setting.
kiddion Mod

Changelog:modest-menu v0.9.0ย –ย July 31, 2021
– Update for 2372 Tuner DLC
– [Player] Add Aqualung
– – [Services] Eliminated the drop of money (patched in the latest DLC).
– [Services] Removing the Daily Limit for Increase, but not certain if it’s secure.
– [Hotkeys] Fix “ToggleAssistedAim” action.
โ€ข Add Lua scripting

Kiddions New features:

  • Play slot machines at Rig and win a the biggest jackpot each time
  • Lucky, always winning
  • RP instant push safe method
  • Fake car anonymous, fake and fake
  • Bunker hack
  • Online protection from modders in lobby
  • best undetected code
  • and many and many

GTA V Kiddions Free Menu (SHOWCASE)

kiddion Is this mod detected ?

As long as the title of the thread says [Detectedor out of date], this mod is safe to utilize. External mods haven’t been recognized within GTA 5, unlike many other games. However, it is possible that certain actions could result in an investigation in the future. Therefore, it’s crucial that bans are addressed to Banned? Make sure to post here! DATA collection THREAD thread. But, Rockstar employees monitoring your game session (even when you’re playing the solo mode) is your primary worry.


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