How to get free Apex Coins – Apex Legends Mobile

How to get free Apex Coins
How to get free Apex Coins

Apex Legends Mobile: How to get free 688 Apex Coins in the closed beta

Indian Battle Royale game Apex Legends Mobile

Indian Battle Royale gamers are finally thrilled to enjoy the Apex Legends mobile. The closed beta version of the game has been available for download since yesterday and many players have responded positively to Apex Legends Mobile.

The beta version is available to Indian players and will be released in the Philippines next month. Players in other parts of the world will have to wait as the developers work to make the game better.

Download Apex Legends Mobile Play Store by clicking here

Apex Legends Mobile is rewarding its players for maintaining the hype after the beta version was released. The sign-in prizes are the best of the various prizes awarded to the game.

Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile in-game coin system has two types of coins that players can buy to buy skins and other accessories. These are Apex Coins and Legend Tokens.

Apex Legends Mobile Daily Coin Win

  • Day 1 – 688 Apex Coin
  • Day 2- 688 Apex Coin
  • Day 3 – Caustic Skin Plunder
  • Day 4 – 200 Legend Token
  • Day 5 – Rename Card
  • Day 6 – 400 Legend Token
  • Day 7 – 600 Legend Token
  • Day 8 – Gibraltar Fiber Optics Outfit

It allows players to collect 1376 Apex coins in the first two days. All they have to do is log in to Apex Legends Mobile and enjoy the prize. Players can buy these Apex Coins to unlock the legends and buy fancy skins to change their appearance.

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