GTA V LSCHaX – Car Editor Hack [GTA V1.61]

GTA V LSCHaX - Car Editor Hack

A fantastic free cheat mod Car Editor (free tuning) for the game GTA V Online that you can apply yourself to any tuning shop. If you’re looking to speedily and easily alter your vehicle before you make money selling it the cheat code is perfect for you. You can put it on the most rare wheels on your car, or purchase a rare automobile from a salon.

With this car editor , you can modify the car’s components and make it your own as you’d like. It is possible to do without paying anything in any way. In addition, you can earn profits from this. This tool basically allows you to sell street cars. You can also view the video tutorial below. Be sure to adhere to the instructions carefully to avoid messing the process up.

LSCHaX GTA V Online v1.61

Tested compatability:

  • Win7 SC
  • Win7 Steam
  • Win10 Steam

More information:

  • Made for version 1.61.
  • Doesn’t use any natives whatsoever.

How to Install GTA 5 LSCHaX Car Editor Hack

  1. Download the car editor
  2. Extract the files inside a folder
  3. Start GTA 5 and go into an online session. The type of the session doesn’t matter
  4. Start LSCHaX.exe
  5. Enjoy

GTA 5 LSCHaX Car Editor Hack – Features

  • Permormace Options
  • Vehicle Body Options
  • Wheel Options
  • Color Options
  • Max Out
  • Modify Vehicle
  • Toggle Infinite Ammo
  • Elegy Max Out
  • Manual Mode

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