2021 GOESP CSGO Free Legit – Fully Undetected

GOESP CSGO Free Hack Legit – Fully  Undetected 2021 [Regular Updates]Download

This is a common easy for CSGO Cheat GOESP” It works great and is still great and explorable! I’ve been using it for about 2 days now and I have no complaints about it not working properly! This is a basic and common free CSGO Lite ESP Hack.

I also like it because it’s not too much OP, so somehow, you can still just play the game with the SP facility! With some other cheats, you don’t have to play on your own and the game can become a cause because it’s not a pro

Requirement windows pc

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (preferably the latest version)
  • platform toolset v142 and Windows 10 SDK are required in order to compile GOESP
  •  If you don’t have one, you can download VS here (Tools and Windows SDK are installed during Visual Studio Setup).


How To Use GOESP  ?

  • Press INSERT while focused on CS: GO window.
  • After installing the new font you have to unload and load GOESP again.

Who Hooks This Hack Game Engine?

Ans: Nope. Functions GOESP hooks are:

on windows Tool

  • DirectX Present & Reset from overlay
  • SetCursorPos from overlay
  • game window WNDPROC

How does GOESP render things?

  • GOESP hooks up game overlays and uses it to draw things. Currently, supported overlays are Steam and Discord.

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Is ESP visible in the recording?

No, but you need to use ‘Game Capture’ instead of ‘Window Capture’ or ‘Desktop Capture’. Be sure to check the ‘External overlay capture’ option in your recording software.

Downlode Now

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