GameLoop Emulator BYPASS

New GameLoop BYPASS UnderTest

Dont Run The Game Manually just click at on from tool and it will run the game automatically if bypass successfully u will not get emu detect when logging at first time .

1-flush dns (u can use it to reset ip and u can use it 2 times on game stay on safe place then run it and wait till it finish this trick is best than closing emulator and run it again)
2- clear temp files ( This Is To Remove Unusable Files on temp)
3-turn on bypass ( this is for bypass emu on gameloop only with out xposed or any other bypass)
4- Tun off bypass ( this is also for off bypass for gameloop only)
5-task kill (this is to kill tencent and it’s apps from memory)
6- remove ban files ( Use This On Lobby to REmove Matching log and reports)
7-bypass cerb on ( u can use this bypass with cerb 1.4.5 to be more

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  1. Why when using a mokka bypass on a gameloop it will turn white at the beginning of the game and cannot start, and will have to close.


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