Free fire Free name change card 100% Confirm Tips and trick

Free fire Free name change card
Free fire Free name change card

How to get a Free fire Free name change card Tips and tricks.

Free Fire is currently the most popular royal game available on mobile devices. The game allows each player to have a unique name (IGN) of the game. It only happens when you start playing the game. At that time, players are not aware of the importance of this name and keep something and when they realize the importance, it is too late.

In Free Fire, players usually have to shell out on 390 diamonds to change their nickname / IGN. They can use the name change card to change the name in the title of Battle Riley.

Users can get the card from the game store for 39 diamonds or 200 guild tokens. However, spending on diamonds is not an option for all of them.

Free Fire available rewards

  • Gold Royale Voucher – 10 Points
  • 100% Exp (7 days) – 1000 Points
  • Cupid Scar Gun Box – 5000 Points
  • Name Change Card – 10000 Points
  • Gloo wall – Spirit – 20000 Points

In this post, we will share how to get your name change card in Free Fire without Diamonds. Let’s start with how to change Free Fire IGN and then we will move on to the free process.

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How to change the name of Free Fire?

  1. Go to the Free Fire Lobby
  2. Click your name or avatar or banner
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Enter ‘New Nickname’ in the space provided
  5. Click on ‘390 Diamonds’ and complete the payment

By following the steps outlined above, you can change the name of your Freefire, but 399 diamonds are too much for a normal player like you and me. So we will always think that it is better to arrange a name change card instead of this method. So let’s get started How to get a name change card?

How To Get Free fire Free name change card

  1. Go to the store from the lobby
  2. Go to the ‘Redeem’ section
  3. Open the ‘Guild Token’ tab
  4. Select ‘Name change card’
  5. Click ‘Exchange’ and complete the payment.

If you have 200 guild tokens and 39 diamonds, you can get a name change card by following the steps described above. The guild tokens you receive by completing daily searches and providing guild supplies. First, you have to be part of the guild. But here too you need 39 diamonds, which is 10 times less than 390 diamonds.

To get a free name change card, you need to take these 39 diamonds for free anyway. Below, we will show you how to get these 39 diamond-free name change cards for free.

There are several ways that a user can get a free diamond in Freefire. One of the best ways to do this is to keep an eye on the game calendar for events (the calendar is located in the right corner of the main screen). You can also view daily prizes and shop at game stores. In addition to these, there are options to choose monthly and weekly subscriptions, manage directly on the cellphone, and receive daily bonuses or diamonds. Free fire Free name change card 100% Confirm Tips and trick END.

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