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Evolution ESP is high-performance, power-conscious, fully safe.

What is Evolution ESP: Evolution is a high-performance, power conscious, fully safe ESP for PUBG Mobile, intended for use on rooted Or Non-Root Android devices.


Tencent is working hard on their anti-cheat solution for PUBGM, which means that players must be extra careful while using Evolution on their main accounts, especially on the Global version and Game for Peace (China). Please try to follow as many of the below tips as possible.

  •  Keep the aimbot turned off when you are not using it in order to avoid unnecessary locking.
  • After updates, always verify that the cheat works correctly by using an alternate ID to log in and test everything.
  • Never use ready-made settings backups from another person. The idea is to make every player configure their aimbots themselves to ensure a unique aim profile that cannot be correlated with other players during server-side analysis.
  • In case you have experienced a ban on your device in the last two months (using any cheat whatsoever), you must factory reset your device to ensure safe usage.
  •  Too much recoil reduction is considered risky. Please adjust the value to as little as possible while still ensuring comfortable usage.
  •  Setting up Magisk hide properly and changing the Magisk manager name is absolutely critical. Failing to do this properly exposes your account to root detection risk.

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Aimbot usage is hereby declared unsafe on Game for Peace and PUBG Mobile Global. ESP is safe as before and can be used without hesitation.

Aimbot usage is still safe on KR, VN and TW versions of the game. We are monitoring the situation closely and working actively on an update.

Modes of payment accepted:

1. BTC
2. Bank Transfer All Country (
3.Bank In (Malaysia)

Evolution ESP AimBot

  • Although the brutal aimbot can be used highly successfully, please make sure you at least use a small FOV for it. Higher than 150 is not recommended. To be absolutely safe, use the humanized aimbot.
  • Recoil reduction is safe, however, please use only the amount you need for better performance.
  • The humanized aimbot is fully safe for main accounts. Just make sure that if you use a high FOV, you must turn on dynamic smoothing for increased safety. It makes the aim less powerful but more resilient against server side analyisis.
  •  Try not to keep random root apps on your phone.
  • Safetynet clearance is recommended but not compulsory yet. Better to have it working.
  •  A high +ve or -ve aim curve bias may lead to missed shots and overaim but is much safer than no aim curve bias.
  •  Long-distance spraying is possible but it’s better to avoid it nonetheless as there are increased chances of you being reported when you laser enemies from a distance.

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1. Complete re-write of aimbot stack, featuring the best touch simulation aimbot ever written.
2. ESP security improvements for bullet proof safety.
3. Removal of brutal aimbot.
4. Full support for all variants of PUBG Mobile 1.3.0.
5. Support for all Magisk versions.


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