22 Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 Secrets Hacks -Model beauty

22 Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 Secrets Hacks
22 Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 Secrets Hacks

Today’s topic 26 Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 Secrets Hacks.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my Blog. Hi guys in today’s Blog I’m going to be sharing with you model beauty secrets so you may not know this, but I have been a model for more than 10 years so I definitely have a few tips and tricks. up my sleeve and I’ve also been around enough other models to know that there are just a few tips or tricks or secrets for whatever you want to call it that models tend to have in common so. I’m going to be sharing all of those things with you here today so let’s get started.

1.Skincare routine down Pat

So for me personally, I like to keep my skincare routine pretty simple oh here’s my routine or the things that. I think to makes the biggest difference for my skin almost every single night.Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021

2.Incorporate retinol

I incorporate some sort of retinol. I actually use this prescription tretinoin cream. I got this from my dermatologist. it’s very very very strong but I do think that it makes my skin look significantly better.

3.Reparing Serum at Night

So at night I really like to use some sort of serum that is very rejuvenating or helps to repair. My skin so I really love this light plankton elixir serum and then for the day.

4.Vitamin C Serum for the day

I really like to use some sort of vitamin C serum vitamin C is an incredible thing for your skin so. I really like the skin suitable for vitamin C. 21 Best Vitamin C Serums 2021


So the other part of my skincare routine that. I absolutely do not ever ever ever skip is moisturizer. This is such an important part of your skincare. routine here are two that I like the Josie Maran whipped argan oil face Byron and. I also like the drunk elephant peptide cream.

6.Always Remove makeup

Here's Why You Should Always Remove Your Makeup Before Bed
Image: Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery – Texas …

cream my mess tooth is that you need to remove all of your makeup, after work after I finish a photoshoot and after any model finishes a photo shoot. I feel like the very first thing you’ll see them do is run over to the hair & makeup station and ask the makeup artist for some sort of makeup. removal general most days when I come home from work or my day if I’m not on set. I just use a one-step cleanser that this drunk elephant jelly. it does a pretty good job doing that okay


so my next paper my next secret is going to be incorporating masks. so I feel like this is something that a lot of models post on their Instagrams and their stories and things that .they’re doing so we have under-eye masks so these go underneath here and they really help with just like in general dehydration and dark circles. I also in general like to carry some sort of sheet mask with me these are super helpful and often times when. I’ll show up to work a makeup artist will actually offer one of these things to us before they start makeup because they know it actually can help.

8.frozen face masks

Another Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 or thing that, I have is one of these frozen face masks so this actually stays in. The freezer and it is very very cold. When you put it on your face but if you wake up and your face is puffy or maybe your skin is just looking a little bit dull. I think this is kind this can kind of help to tighten. Your face and your pores and in general help with the sort of if your face is puffy.

8.Tea tree oil

My next secret is to use tea tree oil.  if you wake up with a pimple on your face can be a little bit, dry which sometimes can be helpful .obviously to dry up a pimple though poor.

9.Wash you’re hairless

Hair the best tip and the best piece of advice that, I ever got on a shoot or at work was to wash my hair less so. I was one of those people.  I work out a lot I thought I needed to wash my hair every single day but actually washing my hair lets helped in general with the texture of my hair it feels a lot less dry and. I felt like my natural wave and texture that, I kind of had when I was younger started to come back.

10.Conditioner only on the ends of the hair

Another tip or thing that I do is. I only apply conditioner to the ends of my hair . reason, why I do this, is that I actually. if you apply conditioner to the roots of  your hair or kind of the top of your hair here. it can make your hair a little bit flatter. so I tend to concentrate conditioner on the ends of my hair

11.Cacao powder as a dry shampoo

one other thing that is kind of a weird tip trick secret, that I have that I do I will actually use cacao powder. as dry shampoo. so I’ll just take it out and put it. into my hand cacao powder, it’s kind of like that brown powder and that. people put in smoothies and stuff but not me. over here putting it in my hair actually does a really good job. kind of absorbing a lot of the oil in your hair you don’t need a lot and obviously, it is natural so that is one thing that I like to do

12.Loss is more with makeup

so my next model beauty secret would be to take a less is more approach to makeup. I know that makeup is fun and it’s so fun to play with. But it’s important to allow your skin to breathe. so I would suggest either go to a less is more approach to makeup or just make sure that you have a few days a week. that your skin is allowed to breathe.

13. Drink water

Here for a reason, we are going to be talking about nutrition. so whether you like it or not what you are eating and what you are putting into your body has an impact. on how you look and obviously. how you feel I am NOT a nutritionist or a skin specialist or anything like that. this is just the kind of stuff that. I like to do it for myself but obviously all this stuff you guys can look up online. for yourself so number one I know it’s not fun or exciting but you need to drink more water probably drink. about eight to ten glasses of water per day may be sometimes even more.

14. Eat lots of antioxidants

So I eat a lot of foods that are high in antioxidants, like berries so things like fried berries blackberries, and blueberries.

15.Vitamin foods

So I also like to eat foods that are high in vitamin A. so things like carrots sweet potatoes dark leafy greens oranges. so vitamin A in general really kind of helps to give your skin that glowy look and glowy complexion.

16. Vitamin c foods

Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 I like G foods that are high in vitamin C can help with collagen production and in general helps. promote radiant skin so foods that are high in vitamin C are dark leafy greens citrus fruits broccoli Brussel sprouts and things like that.

17. Vitamin E foods

I also like to eat foods that are high in vitamin E nuts seeds all of spinach dark leafy green.

18.Healthy fats

I also like to eat them that have a lot of healthy fat mem so it’s things like avocado olive oil salmon walnuts. Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021

19.Avoid too much caffeine

Terms of foods that I avoid that are not great for skin. I would say caffeine is not great for the skin. I feel like when I do a lot of caffeine. My skin looks a little more dry and a little more dull same thing goes for alcohol

20.Avoid too much sugar

I also try to avoid a lot of sugar. sugar in general is not good for you but it definitely makes my skin look duller.I’m just aiming for foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins that make my skin looks dewy and glowy and healthy. so that it’s a goal and those are the few things that I like to avoid.Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021

21.Magic sleep number

My next tip is around sleep we all know that sleep is super important, but my suggestion to you guys would be to find your magic number for sleep. so I have found that when I understood also when I oversleep. my skin actually tends to look more tired and my under eyes are actually, more prominent and sort of darker and just like drier and just look tired. so for myself, I have found that seventeen half hours is my sweet spot and I have also found that when I go to sleep and wake up relatively around the same time. I wake up looking and feeling more rested so that is something that you guys could try at home.

22.Get your sweat on

my next tip or trick is to make sure to get a workout in models are hardcore and very dedicated to their workout routines so. I know all of us are busy and for models we travel all the time and we have a lot going on so how do you stick to your workout routine so. I  Beauty Tips And Tricks 2021 know for myself I try to stay in a hotel with a gym and if that’s not possible I travel with a few things so I really like to travel with a jump rope this is super light and easy.


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